Inspiring others to make effective changes in their lives that will lead to more joy and peace in their lives. Asking the big questions that will allow others to truly see what is important in life and set goals accordingly. Empowering others to see the clutter that is stopping them as individuals or their organization from truly growing into its full potential. Opening the eyes of others to see their gifts and talents they may not be aware of.

  • Individual
  • Family
  • Employee/Leadership
  • Marriage
  • Religious Vocation/Parishes

Coaching Topics

  1. Dealing with Fear and Anxiety
  2. Getting into shape physically and emotionally.
  3. Relationship help
  4. Marriages – inspiring couples to really communicate and become a team. Setting goals and helping them to have the same vision for life and being ready to go on a life adventure together.
  5. Teens – Helping parents with parenting decisions and understanding where their teen is coming from. Helping teens who feel lost and are searching for answers to life’s difficult questions.
  6. Co – workers – Helping co- workers bond together and become allies instead of sparing partners. Helping them find a vision and set goals together that will motivate them to work harder and with more passion.
  7. Clergy – Helping them to speak powerfully from the altar. Encouraging them to learn how to recharge and persevere through the dry times. Helping to create a vision for the parish. A sounding board for frustration.
  8. Life direction and getting out of “slumps”.
  9. Sean works with teens who are feeling lost and searching.