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Does God Really Exist? Is there evidence?If he exists...Who is He?

How can we know if there’s a God? It is the most important question a person can ask — and it determines how we will live this life. Learn what science reveals about the existence of God, and look at the sobering ramifications of atheism and how atheism is really an unattainable position and more like a blind religion in itself. There has been a rise in skepticism and many books written about atheism but they really contain no new information. It is just the old Gnostics repackaged. Sean reveals how his honest search to see if Religion and science can synthesize and compliment each other was reasonable. Turns out..it is!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to answer such questions as: What scientific evidence is there for the existence of God? If God exists how do we know God is good? Doesn’t the Big Bang explain everything and we don’t need God? How do we know Jesus really rose for the dead?