What Is a Sean Forrest Faith Night?

For groups looking for a powerful evening of inspiration that does not include a full retreat experience, Movin’ With the Spirit’s Sean Forrest presents a range of Faith Nights for adults and teens. Could your church use a real wake-up call? Do the parents have a need to be more closely connected to what their kids are facing in the world — and to be challenged themselves? A Faith Night may be just what you’re seeking.

Sean Forrest Faith Nights, which are from one and a half to two hours in length, aim to reach people where they are on their journeys in order to lead them to the path God is laying out for them. Sean has a way of witnessing to adults that truly draws them in.

During the event, Sean speaks of his own faith, shares his firsthand experiences with our youth and their struggles today, tells stories, and performs several songs. It’s difficult with today’s busy family schedules to bring adults together to explore the faith — but with Sean’s Faith Nights, it is always exciting to see how many parents are asking for even more at the end of the evening. They often find themselves inspired with a clearer understanding of their duty as the primary catechists for their children — and built up in their own relationship with the Lord.

His work and the entire Movin’ With The Spirit ministry are pro-life, pro-family and true to the teachings of the Catholic Church.

To book Sean Forrest for an event, contact Vicky Rispoli of Movin’ With The Spirit, Inc. at: (860) 306-3255.