In addition to his appearances at youth and adult conferences and concerts across the country, Movin’ With The Spirit’s Sean Forrest runs nearly 100 teen retreats each year. With a goal to both educate and inspire as many people as possible to open their hearts to God’s love, Sean uses his gifts of humor, music and straight talk to help break down the barriers that the world has built up. These retreats lead the teens to know they are loved beyond measure by God and challenge them to step up to the plate to openly live their Catholic faith in our world. Sean trusts and relies on the guidance of the Holy Spirit in challenging and ministering to each unique group. The most powerful retreats typically include: Sean’s personal witness of his conversion to a life of faith, stories and discussion about our universal call to bring Christ’s love to others through our actions, and reflections on Jesus’ ultimate sacrifice through His Passion. Sean reaches both the hearts and minds of his audiences, in keeping with the focus of Pope John Paul II’s Fides et Ratio (Faith and Reason). Sean’s work and the entire Movin’ With The Spirit ministry are pro-life, profamily, and true to the teachings of the Catholic Church.


• 4 hours for first-time retreats
• 2 hours for repeat retreats to the same audience
• ice-breakers and games
• witnessing/storytelling/music
• candlelight prayer service
To book Sean Forrest for an event, contact Vicky Rispoli of Movin’ With The Spirit, Inc., at (860) 306-3255.