Marriage, what it is and what it isn't

How can couples grow deeper in love with each other and God? Learn about the Theology of the Body, how God can be more prominent in marriages, and why this is so important.
Discover how marriages are meant to be sacrificial in nature and a beautiful and loving representation of the Trinity, a foreshadowing of Gods desire for us!

Learn how to bring romance and passion back into your marriage when fatigue, work and parenting duty empties us of our energy and ability to lift the other up. Learn how your marriage can and should be an adventure even if you don’t leave your driveway! Sean even gives some tips on how to get your spouse to maybe even consider thinking about letting faith be a deeper part of marriage for those who have difficulty on this area.

This talk is great for pre-Cana events. It is a fun talk that men will enjoy as well as Sean makes light of the mistakes and pitfalls that happen with poor communications and assumptions. This is an inspiring talk and not a talk that beats up the guys.