God’s Plan. Our Hands.


Movin’ With The Spirit, Inc. (MWTS) is a not-for-profit Catholic organization dedicated to boldly proclaiming God’s eternal Truth and love. Through events, Christian outreach, mission work and personal witness, we help inspire every person to become the unique member of the Body of Christ that God has called them to be.


Movin’ With The Spirit, Inc. (MWTS) was founded by Sean Forrest, a national speaker, musician, author, and groundbreaking youth ministry from Connecticut whose passion for the Catholic faith and tell-it-like-it-is style sets the tone for the entire ministry. A songwriter from an early age, Sean always had a love for Jesus, but got distracted by the world, immersing himself in the secular party scene and all things worldly. As a well-known, highly-paid performer, he “had it all” by society’s standards, but was headed down a path of destruction – and doing a great job dragging plenty of folks with him! But God had other plans for Sean. He put faith-filled loved ones, physically disabled children, and a strange illness in Sean’s path to lead him to a profound conversion to the Catholic faith and deep commitment to spread the Word of the Gospel.

With a simple mailing of handwritten flyers, Sean Forrest youth retreats and Movin’ With The Spirit were born – and God took the reins. This ground-breaking youth ministry – anchored by heartfelt witnessing, music, and straight talk about real issues – is now booking two years in advance. Retreats are now complemented by major concert/conference appearances, at venues such as the Steubenville youth conferences, World Youth Day, Soul Festival, the Creation Festival, and a variety of diocesan youth and adult conferences. Sean’s music and message attract listeners of all ages, as he speaks and performs before nearly 30 thousand people annually.

Today, the Lord continues to work miracles, having united the lives of a core group of individuals to expand this ministry in exciting new directions, including building an extensive mission in Haiti called Haiti180. But Movin’ With The Spirit is so much more than the number of conference talks given or the number of CDs that go out the door. More than the amount of money raised for the poor or the amount of daily hits on the website. For this ministry’s greatest accomplishment is – and always will be – that, through the work of its members, hearts have been opened to faith and God’s Truth.