Currently, at the front-and-center of the mission of Haiti180 is to complete a medical clinic that can treat and care for the people in the villages of Duverger and Dandann, Haiti. This massive structure of healing will allow women to give birth in a safe environment instead of alone. The clinic will be able to perform small procedures, blood work, dental care, eye exams, and take x-rays. This clinic will save countless lives and give the villagers a place closer to home for treatment instead of having to walk for many hours to find help.

Through individuals such as yourself, Haiti180 has been able to raise $140,000 towards constructing the clinic but is still in need of another $100,000 to finish the project. In order to reach this goal in a timely manner, Haiti180 founder, Sean Forrest will be embarking on the ‘Music for Life’ Tour. The goal of the tour is for Sean to perform 10 concerts in 10 months, with each concert raising at least $10,000. Sean’s two hour acoustic performance is full of music and stories, that are both moving and entertaining. The name ‘Music for Life’ indicates the countless individuals who will benefit from this life saving clinic.

Sean Forrest performs at a wide range of conferences throughout the United States, from Steubenville Youth Conferences and diocesan youth days to a variety of adult events for men, women, parents and couples. His work and the entire Movin’ With The Spirit ministry are pro-life, pro-family and true to the teachings of the Catholic Church.

To book Sean Forrest and help Finish the Clinc, contact Maria Miller at: (913) 221-6077

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