Sean Forrest: Talks for Our Times

Sharing his personal faith journey. Witnessing to the truths of the faith. Tackling some of the most challenging questions we face in life. Sean Forrest travels the country to speak on topics that reach both the mind and the heart.His talks include:

Marriage, what it is and what is isn’t
How can couples grow deeper in love with each other and God? Learn about the Theology of the Body, how God can be more prominent in marriages, and why this is so important. Read More
The harsh realities of today’s world puts a lot of pressure on fathers to lead and protect their families as never before. Explore what God is asking of fathers — and learn how to better answer the call to provide true spiritual leadership for our children. Read More
Why am I so Anxious!!!! The Epidemic of Fear and Anxiety
Some people are hospitalized and some people drudge through life in fear if waiting for the next panic attack. Some people can never seem to sleep or rest and are often just exhausted and have no energy to anything. Anxiety is fear driven and it is crippling. But it doesn’t have to be. best free christian dating sites
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How can we know if there’s a God? It is the most important question a person can ask — and it determines how we will live this life.
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80% of Catholics are no longer catholic by the time they turn 23. What’s going on and what role does catholic education play in this number? Read More
Truth and Relativism
Yes, objective truth exists, but you’d never know it by looking at the society around us. Explore how to live the unchangeable truth of God in this world of relativism.
How do I Inspire these People!
How to help your Employees feel like their work matters and that they are important.

Personal Witness
Sean shares his powerful personal witness: how God led him from a life lived for fame and fortune to a life centered on the Lord and mission work with the poorest of the poor. Read More
Men of God
Do we know what it means to be sons of God — that we have been called by Christ to be His witnesses here on earth? Gain the courage to be the men God has called us to be. Read More
Dealing with loss and suffering. Whys does God permit evil?
Why does God let bad things happen, and where is He when they do? Read More
Overcoming Fear
We need to overcome fear that keeps us from taking action and experiencing true freedom in our relationships with each other, our careers and with God. Read More
Using Reason as part of your Faith Search
Have you ever asked yourself these question about God and faith, “is what I believe true? is it real or just something I use to keep me from losing it and being afraid to die?” Read More 
Being Willing to lose it all to gain Everything that Matters
Getting caught up in the momentum of the world. Losing precious time with family and God. Get ideas and inspiration about how to surrender the worldly and seek the heavenly. Read More
Why Jesus? Why not Buddha? Is there a difference?
As a child my parents brought me to church and I was expected to be that faith but no one ever really explained to me why that path is the one I should follow or what the other religions taught. Read More