Speaking Topics:

“Sean Forrest: Talks for Our Times”

Sharing his personal faith journey. Witnessing to the truths of the faith. Tackling some of the most challenging questions we face in life. Sean Forrest travels the country to speak on topics that reach both the mind and the heart.
His talks include …

“From Hero to Zero”

Sean shares his powerful personal witness: how God led him from a life lived for fame and fortune to a life centered on the Lord and mission work with the poorest of the poor.

“Does God Exist?”

How can we know if there’s a God? It is the most important question a person can ask — and it determines how we will live. Learn what science reveals about the existence of God, and look at some of the sobering ramifications of atheism.

“Why Follow Jesus? Why not Buddha or Muhammad?”

Why do people leave other religions to be Catholic? Is there really a difference? Yes, there is a difference — and this talk explains some of the many reasons why.

“How Can We Be Sure Jesus Rose from the Dead?”

Is there evidence to help us believe this amazing claim — or do we just cross our fingers and hope the tale is true? Find out the good news that there is a tremendous amount of evidence to support the claim of the resurrection.

“Why Are We Alive? What Is the Meaning of Life?”

Millions stagger around in the self-help section at Barnes and Noble looking for books to help them find meaning in their lives. Truth be told, God has already revealed this to us. Learn that we CAN know what the meaning of life is and what our purpose is on this earth.

“Why Does It Even Matter if I Believe in God or not?”

To believe or not to believe … that is the question. Explore the ramifications of this decision — and how much it matters for our lives, both here on earth and after death.

“Is God Really Knowable? How Do We Know He Loves Us?”

Learn how God speaks to us and reveals His Truth through creation, natural law, Scripture, etc. — and discover many of the ways He shows us He loves us, with a perfect love that never fails.

“Why Do We Need Sacraments?”

There are seven sacraments of the Catholic Church. Review what they are, what they mean — and why they’re actually a really big deal.

“What Is Confirmation?”

An all-too-common teen lament: “My parents are making me do this, but I don’t really have a clue as to what it is.” Find out more about the power of Confirmation — and why it has nothing to do with “graduation from church.”

“Marriage … What It Is and What It Isn’t”

How can couples grow deeper in love with each other and God? Learn about the Theology of the Body, how God can be more prominent in marriages, and why this is so important. This talk is great for pre-Cana events.

“What’s the Difference Between Catholic and Protestant”

All Christian religions are not the same. Listen to Sean share his conversion from Protestantism to the Catholic Church — and how it has changed his life.

“What Does It Mean to Be Pro-Life?”

Being pro-life is a way of life. In this talk, you’ll hear about the realities of abortion — but also about how being pro-life reaches into the everyday experience of being the hands and feet of Christ to all.

“How Can We Each Evangelize?”

We are called to proclaim the Gospel. Is that daunting? Take a closer look at the message of the Gospel and gain insight and strength to spread it in our lives.


The harsh realities of today’s world put a lot of pressure on fathers to lead and protect their families as never before. Explore what God is asking of fathers — and learn how to better answer the call to provide true spiritual leadership for our children.

“Men of God”

Do we know what it means to be sons of God — that we have been called by Christ to be His witnesses here on earth? Gain the courage to be the men God has called us to be.

“Willing to Lose It All … to Gain What Really Matters”

Getting caught up in the momentum of the world. Losing precious time with family and God. Get ideas and inspiration about how to surrender the worldly and seek the heavenly.

“Tough Choices for 21st-Century Parents”

Trading in money for time, Disney trips for mission trips, TV for talking. Protecting kids from the pervasive Internet culture. Allowing ourselves to be mocked for the sake of truth and love. A talk that will help parents take a stand against society and make the tough decisions — the decisions that can save our kids’ lives.

“Truth and Relativism”

Yes, objective truth exists, but you’d never know it by looking at the society around us. Explore how to live the unchangeable truth of God in this world of relativism.

“What Do We Do When Tragedy Happens?”

Why does God let bad things happen, and where is He when they do? Gain perspective and comfort by knowing where to turn in times of crisis — and why only God can lead us through.