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Sean Forrest's new Book The Three Questions


This book will scare you because it will ask you to really look at your deepest-held convictions about your faith in God-or your lack of faith in God-and make you ask yourself the question, “Do I really believe what I believe?”

In this insightful and humorous conversation with a young woman named Emma, Sean Forrest takes us on a journey. Together, they identify the key questions of life, uncover powerful answers…and, in the process, reveal why each of our lives matters.

“Sean is a man of deep faith and is tremendously talented. His brand of ministry is what the new evangelization is all about in today’s world. He would be a blessing for any event sponsored in your community.”
-Most Reverend Peter F. Christensen, Bishop of the Diocese of Boise

“Sean Forrest is one of the most effective communicators of the Gospel I’ve ever met. The 3 Questions captures his down-to-earth spirit, humor, moving stories, and profound insight about the love of God and the meaning of life. He makes the best news in history accessible to all.”
-Chris Stefanick, President, Real Life Catholic

“The book you are holding is a treasure…for teens, parents, youth ministers, and anyone interested in learning the reasonable nature of our Christian faith. So simple and yet so thorough. I pray that this book makes it into the hands of every person who is seeking the answers to the three most important questions of life.”
-Fr. Louis Merosne, Missionary priest and Director of the John Paul II Center for the New Evangelization, Diocese of Anse-a-Veau and Miragoane, Haiti

“Sean has combined Faith, reason, and humor to produce an excellent guide through the maze of religion. This book is an outstanding tool for the New Evangelization.”
-Fr. Joseph Tito, Pastor, St. Mary’s Church, Baltic CT

“This book is filled with sound doctrine and teaching-explored through scientific thought, historical background/texts, Scripture, and the work of modern experts in a concise and understandable context. Fun to read and impossible to put down, it takes the reader through a rational discussion of God, the Bible, Jesus, the resurrection, and the very meaning of our lives. It is a book that you will want o read more than once.”
-Brian Reynolds, M.D.

“Sean’s writing offers a clear understanding of what’s most important and how to live a meaningful life.”
-Leah Darrow, international speaker and author