Experience a new perspective on a life of faith.

Sean engages his audience through authentic witness.


Sean Forrest has built a legacy on enriching the lives of others through faith. He serves not only as a musician, but a coach and mentor on how to live a fulfilling life.


Sean’s mission is to inspire others to encounter Christ and to encourage people to take action in this life, not just be entertained by it. Sean speaks on many subject, below are just some of his most popular:

  • Personal Witness/ Faith is Messy! 
  • Dealing with Loss and Suffering. Why does God permit evil?
  • Why Jesus? Why not Buddha? Is there a difference?
  • Did Jesus Really Raise from The Dead?
  • Does God really exist?  Is there evidence? If he exists…Who is He?
  • Fatherhood
  • Marriage, what it is and what it isn’t

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Sean enjoys inspiring others to make effective changes in their lives that will lead to more joy and peace in their lives. He asks the big questions that will allow others to truly see what is important in life and set goals accordingly.


Sean is also a successful musician and author, producing nine CDs selling over 40,000 copies, and writing three books and one children’s book.

Check out Sean's new book, The Three Questions.

This book will scare you because it will ask you to really look at your deepest-held convictions about your faith in God-or your lack of faith in God.