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What Others are Saying

“Sean exemplifies the New Evangelization to which the Church calls each of us.”
– Archbishop Lori (Baltimore)

“Sean’s message is always Catholic to the core, vibrant and interesting.”
– Bishop Emeritus Rosazza (Hartford, CT)

“I am pleased that Sean has chosen to dedicate his life to the spiritual growth of the young adults in our community of Christ.”
– Carol Schuerlein, D.R.E.

Full Testimonials

Dear Friends,
It is a pleasure for me to commend “Movin’ With The Spirit,” led by Sean Forrest. Sean and his co-workers bring to this ministry a deep love for the Lord, a wonderful openness to the Holy Spirit, and a burning desire to impart the truth, the life and love of Christ to young people everywhere.
Sean has given countless Confirmation Retreats to young people all around the Diocese. He truly opens their eyes and hearts to the Lord and to the wisdom contained in the teaching and worship of the Church. With song, humor, stories and serious teaching, Sean exemplifies the New Evangelization to which the Church calls each of us. It is my prayer that the Lord will continue to bless Sean and his service to the Church.
Faithfully in Christ,
Most Reverend William E. Lori
Archbishop of Baltimore

To Whom It May Concern:
I have known Mr. Sean Forest for approximately ten years. He and his wife and three children live in the Archdiocese of Hartford where I served as auxiliary bishop for thirty-three years and now am emeritus. Moreover, Sean is a convert to Catholicism. Sean has a clean moral record. Beyond that, he is frequently asked to speak to groups of teens and young adults. His message is always Catholic to the core, vibrant and interesting. He knows this age group and speaks their language, making Jesus and the teaching of our church understandable. He is an outstanding witness to Jesus and to the church and her heritage. I cannot recommend Sean highly enough.
The Most Rev. Peter A. Rosazza, D.D.
Auxiliary Bishop Emeritus
Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Hartford, CT.

Thank you for sharing your story once again with the teens in our diocese. You captivated their attention for the entire time you were speaking. Thank you for working so hard to weave our theme into your message! I thought that it was a great start to this year of “I will love”.

May the Lord continue to bless you in your ministry and for the good work you are accomplishing in Haiti.

God Bless,
Kevin Bohli
Director, Office of Youth Ministry
Catholic Diocese of Arlington

Dear Sean,
I would like to commend you for your outstanding efforts at our school over the years. To say your three events were successes would not do you justice. Your message, approach, and charism have moved our entire institution to a new level. They were truly transformative for our school community. In my thirty years in this business, I have never seen any speaker on any subject to be so well received by students and staff. Your day-long retreats for our over 1500 students were tremendous.
James P. Vail
President, Paramus Catholic High School

Sean Forrest visited our small high school in Michigan in September of 2016. His talk really hit home with many of our students. He was able to immediately get the students engaged and connect with them in a way that they instantly respected him. He delivered the message of loving Jesus in a way that the students could relate to and understand.
After the event students shared that: “It was the best thing ever” and “I felt like he was talking right to me.” “He was real and I respect that.”
Parents also commented, “Several students I talked with this evening were impacted by Sean in a very positive way. They would like to see him return.”
“Thank you for bringing him to MCC!!”
“I heard from my student it was awesome! Thank you !”
“As always Sean was authentic, honest, compelling, and himself. He is gifted and generous. Thank you for bringing him.”

Thank you Sean Forrest for a wonderful and inspiring day.

Amanda Lee
Religious Events Coordinator

To Whom It May Concern:
I am very pleased to recommend Sean Forrest for his work with our Parish in our Confirmation Program. I have had the pleasure of working with Sean on several Confirmation retreats and youth ministry retreats at Christ The King Church in Trumbull.
Sean is an outstanding advocate for the youth of Connecticut. His love of young people swells from his very existence. During the retreats that Sean has run, the Love Ethic of Christ has been communicated in a down-to-earth manner that our young Catholics really connect with. Sean’s love for Christ, his dedication to the Church, his motivation and his dedication to the young are clearly evident by the response from the parents.
Through his creativity and use of music, young Christians can easily connect the modern world with the universal, spiritual lessons of the Gospel. For example, after our last retreat with Sean, the students repeatedly asked him to return to the parish to run more programs for them. He is truly an asset to the Roman Catholic Church and to the community he represents as a leader. He brings the Word to life.
For the above reasons, I am pleased that Sean has chosen to dedicate his life to the spiritual growth of the young adults in our community of Christ. I feel, as well as our Pastor, that Sean will be an invaluable asset to the youth and to our diocese. We have used him in the past and will continue to use him in the future for our Confirmation Retreats. Please contact me if I can be of further assistance.
Carol Schuerlein
Director of Religious Education
Christ the King Church

When I think about Sean Forrest as a person and the wonderful works of ministry he is doing, the following words come to mind: dynamic, charismatic, caring, passionate, faith-filled, awesome, sincere, committed, devoted, challenging, believable, compassionate, Spirit-led, inspired, riveting, generous, real, inspiring.
Sean is all of this and so much more. Lives are touched and changed forever after being in his presence. I am blessed and privileged to know him and call him a friend.
Bev Montana
Director of Religious Education
St. Dominic Parish, Southington, CT

It is my pleasure to recommend Sean Forrest and his ministry to young people. I met Sean over ten years ago, when he was the keynote speaker at a diocesan youth conference I attended. Since that time, I have asked Sean back to our area 6 times to speak for various events. He has served as the keynote speaker for a day-long retreat, as well as done presentations at a couple of local churches and assemblies for junior high and high school students.
Sean seems to effortlessly connect with his audience, using his gifts of song and humor. He has an ability to then give a personal witness and deliver powerful theological messages and lessons in a way that is engaging and entertaining. He is able to light a fire within them, which is evident by the number of students who approach him afterwards with questions or comments about particular points he made. To say that the feedback from Sean’s visits has always been positive is an understatement. In fact, in his 6 visits, Sean has spoken to over 4,000 teens and 1,000 adults and I can honestly say I have never received a negative comment. The feedback has been 100% positive.
My prayer is that Sean’s passion for the Catholic Faith will remain strong and he will continue to use his gifts and ability to spread the Gospel message to youth throughout the world. He is a tremendous asset to the Catholic Church and to our young people.
Dean Robinson
Campus Youth Minister
Elyria Catholic High School

Sean was sooo successful at the parent retreat he did for us. I had several parents who had originally decided that they were going to allow their children to skip CCD this year. Well, after listening to Sean, they re-registered their children! I was so pleased with the evening and all that Sean said to them in his “Sean way” that I went home feeling as though many parents turned their thinking around, as well as their priorities. I can’t thank Sean enough for everything.
Joyce Leach
Our Lady of Sorrows, Essex