Summary of today’s show: Sean Forrest is a Catholic musician who performs in dozens of concerts, gives more than 100 confirmation retreats, and talks to many men’s groups each year, and if that’s not enough he’s also deeply involved in Haiti 180, a mission in that impoverished nation to not only care for the physical needs of orphans and the abandoned but also to provide for their Catholic faith as well. Sean will be in Boston on August 19 to perform and preach during the Intergenerational Harbor Cruise organized by the Office for the New Evangelization of Youth and Young Adults of the Archdiocese of Boston.

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Hey Yo Video Contest


Watch the lyric video of “Hey Yo” and learn the song in English or in Creole. Get your friends together and video yourselves singing “Hey Yo” and post it to this competition. The more people in your video, the greater your voting reach will be. This is open to all ages from little kids to grandparents. We will all be voting for the next month. The winning group with the most votes, will be starring in my next music video with me. Each person is able to vote once a day, that will make this fun. There will also be other random prizes that will be given out so stay tuned to my facebook page.