Dealing with Loss and Suffering. Why does God permit Evil?

Why does God let bad things happen, and where is He when they do? This question I believe has lead to more people leaving the faith than any other. I believe the answer to suffering lies not in running away from pain but rather on entering in.

This talk will help us Gain perspective and comfort by knowing where to turn in times of crisis. It’s in these times that God can do the most amazing things if we enter into the suffering instead of running away. Sean shares about the pain he and his wife suffered by the loss of 12 of their children through miscarriage and how by entering into that pain he and Julie were able to see the greatness of God that allowed them to draw even closer to each other and to God revealing a deeper meaning in that suffering. Sean shares about the unexpected death of his father and two brothers and how through embracing that suffering he witnessed many conversions take place. Because Sean work’s in the poorest country in the western hemisphere (Haiti) he has been surrounded by intense suffering and has gained a powerful insight about suffering and how different cultures deal with that suffering. He also dares to talk about when he suffered his first panic attack and the anguish of being plagued by them and how he finally came to see them as one of the greatest gifts God had allowed him to receive. This society conditions us to run from the slightest bit of pain but Sean will actually speak to you about not running from it but rather facing it and entering into it.