The harsh reality of today’s world puts a lot of pressure on fathers to lead and protect their families as never before. Explore what God is asking of fathers — and learn how to better answer the call to provide true spiritual leadership for our children.
If we just equip our children for this life, then we have failed our children. We often forget that the end goal of our existence to is to be in heaven with God for all eternity. This life will pass away and then God will ask us some serious questions that we need to be ready to answer. It’s our jobs as Fathers to prep our kids for that “exam”
Do our sons know that they are called to be men of God? Have we claimed then for God and are we setting them up for spiritual challenges and not just financial challenges? There is a big difference between just “being a good person” and being a follower of Christ. WE must not fail in reminding our children that they need to live for heaven. What we do on this earth has ramifications.
Pornography is rampant in our society and after working with teens for over 20 years Sean will help explain the dangers and destructive force of pornography and how to help ourselves and our children fight this plague.
Sean will also talk about the dangers of letting our daughters start too young by entering into deep romantic relationships and how destructive that can be especially later on in life as those break ups cause lasting wounds that negatively affect future relationships and marriage.