Using Reason as Part of Your Faith Search

Have you ever asked yourself these questions about God and faith, “is what I believe true? is it real or just something I use to keep me from losing it and being afraid to die?” Does it matter if it’s real? How do you know what you believe is real? Is it just based on blind belief and feelings? What if you could actually know that what you believe in is real and true? Would you want to know that? God gave us a mind and today many people have put their minds to bed and just “follow their heart’s” without letting their heads be involved and that has lead to a lot of heart ache and misrepresentation of the will of God.
Would you ever let a surgeon perform a very complicated procedure on you without getting his credentials and doing your homework on the guy? Would you just say, “hmmm, not sure if he is qualified but I got a good feeling about this one so lets just let him give it a shot!” of course you wouldn’t, but that is what many people do when it comes to faith. They say. “well this seems nice so let’s go with it!” without verifying if the faith they are entering into is true and reasonable. Wouldn’t faith be even more exciting if your intellect backed up the feeling in you heart? Guess what. It can. Sean draws from Saint John Paul II encyclical, Fides et ratio (faith and reason) and help us to see that faith is reasonable and not blind! Its very exciting that we don’t have to hold onto the false belief that faith and science are incompatible. We do not have to hold onto faith like a belief in the tooth fairy but rather have a faith that is reasonable and intelligent and logical. When the brain and the heart connect that is when faith truly becomes alive! That’s when life starts to get exciting!

Yes, objective truth exists, but you’d never know it by looking at the society around us. Explore how to live the unchangeable truth of God in this world of relativism.