Why Jesus? Why not Buddha? Is there a difference?

As a child my parents brought me to church and I was expected to be that faith but no one ever really explained to me why that path is the one I should follow or what the other religions taught. I was just “expected” to believe. As I left the faith to enter into a world of narcissism and partying and preforming on stage I entered into different religions and philosophies because I found them entertaining, fun and more mostly tolerant of a lifestyle that I wanted to live at that time.

When I was struck with tragedy I had to look to these belief systems and truly only one of them held up for me emotionally, spiritually and especially intellectually and that was Christianity. I became consumed with researching what each religion and philosophy had in common and what they did not. While there is some commonalty between them, the striking person of Jesus and the radical claims and miracles that he made set Christianity apart from all the others. His claims were radical and unlike anything any other religious leader or teacher of philosophy said.

I set out on a journey of research to discover if the claims of Jesus were really true. Is he God? Did he raise from the dead and can we know? The answers were powerful and sobering to me.

There is some truth in all religions but, if there is a religion that can reveal more of who God is and His love for us would we want to know about it? Not in a condemning way like, “My religion is better than yours and you’re going hell unless you listen to me!” but more like as if one mother who had an ill child was sitting next to another mother with an ill child and offered her some medicine that would help her child even more then the medicine she was using.” Love…sharing the faith of Christianity with love.